In Rainbows – Radiohead

In Rainbows is the seventh studio album by British rock band Radiohead. Released in 2007, it was universally acclaimed by critics and audiences alike, receiving glowing reviews from The Guardian Music, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone and more.

The ten song album is a tough listen for non-Radiohead megafans, as is most of their work to be honest. After listening to the whole recording I was struggling to justify all the hype. It’s obvious that their music is extremely unique and all band members are excellent musicians, but sometimes it’s quite hard just to understand what Thom is singing.

Despite all that, it’s actually my favourite Radiohead album. After trying to get into them for a long time, it took a random conversation with my sister’s boyfriend to get me into Radiohead after he recommended Reckoner.

Favourite Songs

As I mentioned before, not all the songs on this record exactly struck a chord with me. However, out of the 10 on the album I would choose the follwing three as my favourites:

  • Reckoner / Bodysnatchers / 15 Step

Fun Facts

  • A ‘pay-what-you-want-release’, a first for a major band. Received criticism and praise alike.
  • A special edition of the album names In Rainbows Disk 2 was released in 2009 and features eight more tracks.
  • A fan theory out there suggests that OK Computer & In Rainbows are actually connected. Apparently, if listened in sequence (one song from each record) they songs blend together.
  • The average online price paid for the album was just 2.90 pounds, with 60% of fans not paying anything.