AM – Arctic Monkeys

AM is the Arctic Monkey’s fifth studio album, released in 2013 it went on to confirm the Sheffield band as rock icons. Critically acclaimed and a commercial success, the quarter from Yorkshire had once again defied expectations with a genuine rock’n’roll album.

This album also inspired a turn in the way the band presented itself, gone were the hoodies and sneakers and in came the leather jackets and tight jeans. Referring to his earlier music as ‘chip shop rock’n’roll’, Alex Turner with his newfound American accent delivered an excellent record that shows the bands’s maturity and versatility as artists.

AM artistic style would also pave way to the band’s, slightly less of a hit but-still-good, sixth studio album: Tranquility Base & Hotel Casino.

Favourite Songs

Probably my favourite record, also a bit unfair as I’m listening to it as I’m writing. Here are the tracks categorised:

  • Favourite Tracks: I Wanna Be Yours / R U Mine? / Do I Wanna Know.
  • Least favourite: Mad Sounds

Fun Facts

  1. Turner later revealed that the band had nearly titled the album The New Black.
  2. The song I Wanna Be Yours takes its lyrics from John Cooper-Clarke poem.
  3. Alex Turner said of the album cover “it kinda looks like a bra”.